Dhamaal Gully Ki!

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

Great news for all vegetarians! Life does not start and end at Paneer and Dal Makhani anymore!

Redefining Vegetarian Food
Like Never Before

Dhamaal Gully brings to you the best culinary experience with the finest fusion mash ups that you have never tried before. Phenomenal flavors from our menu will amaze you and ensure you keep coming back for more! With a wide range of vegetarian fusion, Dhamaal Gully is your one stop destination to evolved vegetarian cuisines.

The revolutionary ‘hat ke’ Chef Manisha Jain has redefined Indian dishes and influenced them with other worldly flavors, creating an incredible fusion mash up, an amplified sensorial experience, a hearty feast for your eyes and taste buds.

That is precisely what Dhamaal Gully is all about!

Exceptional creations by innovative chefs at Dhamaal Gully bring you innovations like tempting cheesy filling with a jalapeno kick – packed in a kachori and the revolutionary soft spongy dhoklas with Mexican seasoning – thus making it the ultimate fusion mash up you would have ever laid your eyes on… let alone tried.

What you can expect when you order from Dhamaal Gully?

Freshly prepared amazing food with homemade ingredients and a fusion twist never seen before, delivered at your doorstep. At Dhamaal Gully, we bring you a wide range of flavourful, colourful, aromatic and delectable range of fusion cuisines. Each dish is given the ultimate love and attention that it deserves.

They are also flavourful healthy alternatives, with low calories, high quality ingredients and promoting a sustainable lifestyle, so you can indulge guilt-free.

Our carefully curated menus integrate the fine seasonings of Italy, the potent spices of Mexico, and the balsamic sauces of Japan to take you on a culinary journey across the globe sitting at the comfort of your home. More than flavors, our delectable dishes blend traditions and cultures. With the right pinch and dollops, a little mix and merge, we create dishes that are unique, customised for every palette and events.

Our precious daughter turned one! The cool father that I am, it was expected of me to make it large and bring statement food. I liked their pepper corn wraps from before and was looking forward to trying more. What better opportunity than my daughter’s birthday! Everybody just jumped right in for baked Mac’n’Cheese Burgers and, the Gully Pav Bhaji was very street style. Dhamaal Gully jo bhi kar rahe ho, mast kar rahe ho!

— Sumit