Chef Manisha

Chef Manisha Jain leads the kitchen and the staff of Dhamaal Gully with her innovative vision of creating fusion cuisines, like never before….


Highest Dedication to
Food Craftsmanship

Chef Manisha Jain leads the kitchen and the staff of Dhamaal Gully with her innovative vision of creating fusion cuisines, like never before.

She has redefined the culinary landscape of fusion food through her visually appealing and mouth-watering delicacies that have an inevitable twist. One of her unique creations – Coloured Burger (Red, Yellow, Pink & Green) had earned her quick fame at the HORN OK Fest 2017 where she clocked sales of over 1000 burgers. With her concept of “mitti ki khushboo” came a new trendy addition to their menu ‘kulhad tandoori chai/coffee’.

Chef Manisha is a self-made and self-taught independent chef who has used her creative skills and love for her craft to create exclusive fusion cuisines. She specialises in adding a modern twist to traditional Indian dishes. Can you think of creating a dish using Indian Dal and American Burgers? Well Chef Manisha did… and the result – Dal Makhani Burger and Rajma Masala Burgers!

What do you have to say about Chinese Manchurian with Italian seasonings?
An impossible combination right! Then you should try the Onion Cheese Italian Seasonings Manchurian Sandwich made by the chef. To top it, all the dishes are light and healthy.

A homemaker and mother, Chef Jain did not let her passion for cooking and experimenting with new dishes ebb. She kept the fire ignited by catering to her friends and family for the past 20 years.

Continuous encouragement and repeated catering orders urged her to see a bigger dream. In 2017, she started Dhamaal Gully – a homegrown fusion food mash-up brand that ventured into a mid-cap catering and food delivery business, with no external funding.

Her steady focus on content and quality has helped Dhamaal Gully deliver food beyond expectations and create a name for itself. Dhamaal Gully under the able aegis of Chef Manisha Jain has had the privilege to be a part of many significant events.

Our chef and her staff are highly committed to ensuring hygiene, using organic, seasonal, fresh grounded home ingredients to create healthy, nutritious and home style dishes. From appetizers to desserts, everything is made from homemade ingredients and displays her passion for experimental cooking aptly.

Let our talented Chef blow your mind with her creations that you wouldn’t see anywhere but only at Dhamaal Gully!

Dhamaal Gully catered for our organization’s 25th Anniversary, Everything right from the presentation to how the food tasted blew us away. We especially enjoyed their Wai-Wai burgers and the Vada Pav with a twist. And you know what… she threw in a suprise – the most amazing Blueberry Tarts you’ve ever sunk your teeth into! Dhamaal Gully catering is no ordinary catering, I can tell you that.

— Charu Nathan